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2011 Oculus 1.5 L

2011 Oculus 1.5 L

An OCULUS was first used by the Romans in buildings like the Pantheon - a window in a dome or wall to the outside. At Mission Hill, our oculus provides the only natural light into our underground barrel cellar, blasted out of volcanic rock that is otherwise hidden from the world. Our complex Oculus Bordeaux-style wine is the result of meticulous selection in the vineyard estate with grapes that have been specifically nurtured for this rare wine. Hand-sorted grapes are gravity-filled into specially constructed French oak fermenters before gently laying the wine to rest in individual barrels. Rich and powerful, this wine was sourced from designated Oculus blocks in our eastern Osoyoos (89%) and Oliver (11%) vineyard estates from low-yielding vines.

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/ 1.5 L
Tasting Notes
The wine is broad and muscular, with lots of dark fig, boysenberry, damson plum and chocolate notes and a lingering finish of fruit, spice and mineral.
Winemaker Notes
Osoyoos East
71% Merlot | 16% Cabernet Sauvignon | 13% Cabernet Franc
October 2011 from our Osoyoos (89%) & Oliver (11%) vineyards.
French oak barrels for 13 months
Alcohol %
5.8 g/L
The 2011 vintage fit a theme of ‘late to start and late to finish.’ The growing season began cooler than usual which delayed bud burst. Late spring rains followed by warm weather facilitated aggressive vine growth and dense canopies. Our vineyard crews were proactive by hedging vines and removing selected leaves and laterals at the base of the grapevine shoots to improve airflow and sunlight around the clusters; all in pursuit of quality. The cumulative growing degrees in August and September were the highest ever recorded, so ripening was continuous and harvest commenced in late September. After a cool and reluctant season, canopy management and patience rewarded us with a farming year that produced fantastic wines with delightful fruit profiles, lower sugars and great balanced acidity. Barrels produced: 57